An Eye for an Eye?

When I started this blog I sort of said to myself, that I was only going to write about little insignificant things with the only intention of having a laugh, leaving aside ¨important things¨ such as politics. However this morning after performing my daily ritual of Fag, Juice and on line newspaper I was not  able to stick to my word and  basically  that´s why you´re reading this.
23rd of Feb as per what I have read, a Basque citizen with no criminal record, barges into a ¨Herriko Taberna¨(Bar owned and frequented by people that Belongs to the ETA environment) in Lazkao (Basque Village with an estimated population of 6000) and to the surprise of the astonished and petrified people inside the place, smashes  it to pieces  with a hammer, while Shouting “You screwed my house now I´m going to Screw yours¨ ( on the previous day, the house that he was renovating with his father, was seriously damaged by the explosion of an ETA bomb at the social office of the Basque Socialist Party).
Is this a proportional reaction? Is it right to take the weight of justice on your shoulders? Well, it is not on me to judge the legitimacy of his act. My reflection is how desperate and overtaken by a situation has to be a man  to behave in such way, knowing that in a fearful place ruled by the violent and undemocratic intolerance of a minority, the only option he will have if he wants to continue breathing will be no other but leaving  the Basque country (he is already gone) while many of his fellow citizens applaud his action but remain  silenced  scared  of reprisals against them or their families, waiting for he day that the violent finally realizes that yesterday was only one man who Stand up and fought, but tomorrow it could be a whole nation tired of looking to the other side while it´s citizens are getting violently abused.
Maybe when that happens it will already  be too late to seat down and talk….


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