I´ve seen the Fear….(in the eyes of a waiter)


Even when I have a degree in Art History, I have never been much of an Art Freak, although every now and then I enjoy a nice exhibition or a conversation about the subject I often decline or avoid talking about the topic. My mother particullary hates this and she always gives up  about the fact that she didn´t support my university years to hear affirmations such as;  ¨El Greco paintings¨are very old and very nice ( I often use this adjectives to define any other art-work  I am asked of )

However I must confess, that if there´s  something I love in the Ärt world¨is going to an exhibition opening, it is an absolute delightment to walk around  listening  to  different conversations  proclaiming things like ¨the Artist covered in blood  a  portrait of Disney´s  Nemo  to express the lack of solidarity between the clown-fish in the pacific, as a metaphor of the future that is waiting for the human race or ¨how the Meninas¨from Velazquez are nothing but a  disguised representation of the Venusians that have been advising  the Borbonic Monarchy since instituted

As much as enjoy this, there´s no way  on earth it could be beaten by  the complimentary food and cocktail moment,  in which at the slight sight of the Waiter , the ¨Art connosieurs¨ remove their  culture camouflage and throw themselves to a deadly fight for every single piece of finger food and semi-cheap wine….

Think National Geographic shows the real wild life? forget it, you should  go and take a look at the next opening…..


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