Want Your thoughts Perpetualised? Don´t think your writing Skills Are good Enough?…Who Cares You can Blog…

As long as you are able to put words together and have a computer, my Friend, the world is at your feet.

No matter if you’re a housewife, whose boggling at the same time as making dinner for your husband and your five kids  ( btw I admire you… I can’t even watch TV and eat at the same time), a pedestrian who is  sick of walking through Streets full of dog crap and wants to complain about it , a want to be Sexologist, a theorist of the conspiration…. Or just someone like me who is aware that most publishing companies have enough toilet paper supplies till 2025, but also  wants his thoughts to  become  a font  of wisdom for  generations to come

Truth is that no matter how poor  our style or our technic is, as long as we have something to say We can be read by absolutely everyone in this world…And that makes us writers without having to wear a corduroy jacket or uncomfortable plastic frame glasses.

Dont Believe me? Just look at the bunch of Crap  You´ve just read…..


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